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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cooperative preschool?
    Families and children attend co-op together. Working with the facilitator, families enhance their parenting experience by furthering personal growth and parenting skills while benefiting from peer-to-peer support. Their child's development is enhanced through a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences.
  • How are families involved?
    Families are an integral part of the program. They work as a team with the program facilitator (teacher) to provide stimulating learning experiences and fulfill the needs of the co-op by accepting a job for the year (ex. historian, snack, or field trip coordinator, etc.). Most importantly, parents act as a support group for each other, sharing experiences, frustrations, solutions, and successes.
  • What is a seminar?
    Once a month, we ask that one adult from your family attends an evening educational seminar typically presented by a guest speaker. Past seminars have included topics such as: Children Nutrition, CPR, Speech & Language Development, Mental Health while Parenting & Marriage, Circle of Security, Literacy, Postpartum/ Paternal Mental Health, and many more! If you are interested in presenting at a seminar, please email us at
  • What is a typical class like?
    The facilitator provides age-appropriate activities for each class. This includes arts/crafts, sensory exploration, reading, math concepts, fine motor, gross motor, music, and movement. A typical day involves free play for the children to explore hands-on activities, snack time, and circle time with reading, songs, and movement.
  • What does it cost?
    Please check out our Tuition page for more info.
  • What is your minimum age requirement?
    For our infant class there is no minimum age, families can attend with their infant as soon as they feel safe and ready to do so. It is left up to the families discretion if they choose to bring a newborn infant, under 28 days of age to the co-op (please consult with your pediatrician if you have concerns). In order to move on to our Toddler 1 class a child must be one years old by August 31st before the school year starts. In some instances children may need to take the infant class twice before they can move on to Toddler 1. For Toddler 2 children must be two years old by August 31st before the school year starts. preschool children must be three years old by August 31st before the school year starts.
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